Morboldol Special Election

Who’s your favorite morbol idol
—your favorite MORBOLDOL?
A single vote could change a green girl’s life!
For the first time ever,
we’re letting the fans choose their
favorite member of

Will it be joyful Jody, vivacious Vivian,
or jilted Vivian? YOU DECIDE!


A loving staple of the FINAL FANTASY series, morbols are massive planetoids known for their cavernous maws and an seemingly endless supply of tenderly tickling tentacles. Their true claim to fame, however, would have to be their bad breath, which has been known to induce vomiting, poisoning, paralysis, and confusion, among other nasty things.

The Birth of a Morboldol

A producer's work is never done

A chance meeting in the wild?

Idol unit, Shining Bless

Vine probe ticket (included with first single)

A dedicated fan

Their very first performance

A sparkle in Fujimoto's eye

The Results!

First Single

Lyrics: Yudai Fujimoto Music: Soichiro Yoshioka

Ever since I met him,
My mouth’s been petrified
My roots are in a knot,
and there’s something in my eyes.

Is this enfeeblement?

I will teach you all a lesson
Not found in any book
Cure won’t heal this mess you’re in
Or get you off the hook

Love is just a status. Ready Esuna quick.
When I whisper in your face, without it you’ll get sick
Accept this invitation, I made it just for you
I’ll take you in my vines tonight,
and rip your heart in two

Listen to Enfeeble Me Tender!

Concert Schedule

2018 Vana’Diel Tour

What Is ?

This amazing new feature helps reunite adventurers
who fought alongside each other in Vana’Diel!

1Set Up Your Profile

Register your FFXI character details to the ReFriender. Set your current World and job information to help other adventurers find you easier.

2Search for Friends

The results will be displayed on screen, go through them and select the adventurers you know. You can also add search conditions as well.

3Set a Time to Meet in Vana'diel

A reunion will be made once both players confirm that they know each other. Now let's set a time and place to meet each other in Vana'diel!

The Morboldols of SHINING BLESS are
here to help make sure you find
that special friend...again!